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Studies indicate that self-service can reduce your support costs by up to 70% and yet provide value to both your business and your customers. A 24×7 online self-service solution will lower your support calls, emails, and routine repetitive questions. This frees up your support staff to focus only on cases that needs human assistance. A well maintained and up to date knowledge base provides your support staff easy access to answers which are consistent for everyone. Your knowledge base can also be leveraged as a training tool for new employees getting them up to speed quickly and also to preserve your company’s knowledge when an experienced employee leaves.

Engage and include your customers
In a recovering economy, it usually takes more time, money, and hard work to get new customers, and it’s important to hold on to the customers you already have. An easy-to-use and well maintained self service portal will offer convenience, timely and relevant information, and overall a better experience for your customers. Use analytics and reports to measure customer loyalty and behavior and gather feedback from integrated surveys. A self-service solution can increase your transparency and maintain your customer’s trust.

Generate more revenues
An often overlooked benefit of self-service is its ability to generate revenues. A self-service solution with analytics and reporting capabilities can give you crucial insights into your customer behavior resulting in up-sell or cross-sell opportunities. By reducing incoming calls and emails, it frees your support staff to take on revenue generating activities or more complex tasks.

Provide a multi-channel experience
Today’s self-service solutions have evolved from being simple knowledge base searches and online FAQs. Customers expect fast resolutions and expect it from different sources and multiple service channels. Effective self-service includes knowledge base with intelligent searches, interactive answers, social media support,  feedbacks, live chat, targeted downloads, email escalation, diagnostic tools, etc.  A flexible set of access methods helps your customers find information based on their preference. In a successful self-service offering, different channels work seamlessly with each other and yet provide quality and relevant information which can be easily accessed.

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