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Are you having a web marketing agency and looking for professional ways of deploying your top-of-mind marketing content? Well, you have come to the right place! When your clients demand several tools to make all your marketing campaigns work, why not provide them with a complete solution? Here it goes. A complete suite to enrich customer relationship management! It is none other than the White Label Agency CRM.

Keen to learn the benefits of this CRM? Look through:

  • Collaborative workspace to establish a strong customer relation

Sometimes, your department functioning may get clogged because of any reason. At that time, you are likely to lose track of the other department’s activities. In between, your customers shall have to wait to reach out for any need. Not anymore! With this complete suite, anyone from within the organization having access to it can address their needs. Thus, leaving no space for your customers to wait! Report sharing and dashboards are the CRM tools that serve the purpose.

  • Ace at social media management from one box

You can offer your customers a seamless social media marketing and management service. It is because you can post to multiple social media channels from one place by using this software. For this purpose, the CRM suite offers an easy-to-use composer. Even, you can get an accurate preview of your content before posting it. And at the same time, you can track the reach and engagement in the posts. All from one box!

White Label Agency CRM.

White Label Agency CRM.

  • Visual designer to create top-notch campaigns

The White Label Agency CRM allows using a drag-and-drop designer. And automate the online marketing with if-then rules. The designer will help create attractive landing pages with both the provision of click-through and squeeze pages. However, you do not need any prior programming knowledge for this. The top-notch campaigns are effective in turning visitors into email subscribers. So, online marketing automation tools can take action depending on how the visitors interact with the campaign materials.

  • Test the campaigns

Even with innovative campaigns, you may sometimes get confused about which is better. Perhaps, it is crucial to know which campaign materials will help fetch more visitors. Concerning this, the CRM software facilitates testing the campaigns with three easy steps. What are they? Create two campaign materials. Then, select a small group for testing. Finally, click to send. After that, the CRM will automatically send the winning campaign to the rest.

  • Tweak contents with pre-build templates

There are multiple pre-built templates for your team to use. These templates can serve for SMS, emails, landing pages, and so on. Your job is simple. Firstly choose one from among the many. And then tweak it. The software will automatically publish the content within a few minutes. No doubt, the White Label Agency CRM is rendering smart hacks to boost marketing proficiency!

  • Layout different types of workflows for your customers

Your web marketing offerings precisely vary from one customer to another. And a significant amount of time goes into creating individual workflows. What if you can bring them over to your CRM software and design diverse workflows from one place? More output in Less time and effort! Further, the CRM solution will help you to break down each of the workflows into stages. Each stage shall comprise several tasks to complete. Once a task is complete, the software will automatically take you to the next. So in the case of each stage.

  • Define and manage the customer support process

Do you not wish to guide your customers’ support team with a defined support process? It is indeed an easy way to record and resolve customer issues. The White Label Agency CRM is here to assist! By using it, you can define the support process into:

  • Acquiring tickets
  • An assigning representative for each
  • Escalation
  • Resolution

In case any issue is not resolved within a definite period, you can further re-assign them.

  • Schedule your further action

Working under tight schedules is undoubtedly tough. For making it a bit easier, the CRM helps in scheduling various functions. With a to-do list, calendar, and notification alerts, you can now schedule any task on due dates. No worries, even if you forget, you will keep getting reminders. Hence, having no chance of slipping out the functions.

White Label Agency CRM.

White Label Agency CRM.

  • Organize and optimize your client’s data

Manual documentation like spreadsheets involved numerous human errors. With a White Label Agency CRM, you can eliminate them and keep your customers’ data organized in one place. All documents, contacts, emails, messages, reports, invoices, and call recordings go to history. As a result, you can derive them back whenever required.

  • Get a 360-degree view of all projects

When you can see and track the various projects, managing the key aspects become hassle-free. The CRM will allow you to get a 360-degree view of the different projects from one screen. Therefore, you can track the current status, due dates, assigned managers, milestones from anywhere and any time.

Final thoughts:

Now, you can scale up your marketing operations and ensure productivity. In turn, satisfy the needs of your customers and retaining them for a longer time. And simultaneously fetch new prospects. Just by availing of a White Label Agency CRM!

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