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Big Data is Big Business

mortgage broker sales dataWith the advent of online shopping and e-commerce, all types of businesses have been forced to rethink their methods of reaching and retaining customers. Firms have been looking to use this technology in order to improve their business, and the ability to store and share customer data and notes has been a boon for firms looking to improve the quality of their customer service. Customer relationship management software allows firms to store their data in a single, unified database that can be accessed by all of the different firm departments and teams. This allows firms to provide a unified front to customers and avoid the pitfalls of corporate silos and mishandled information.

Soffront is a CRM platform that is designed to help mortgage brokerage firms of all sizes provide a better experience for both customers and employees. Using this software to automate processes and track key metrics allows firms to boost their performance and support their bottom line.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management software allows firms to create a database that tracks all of the interactions with customers and potential clients. There are several advantages to using this software, and it is far more than an Excel spreadsheet full of contact information. Soffront allows firms to connect this database with many different functions, from lead capturing and online marketing to post-sale customer support.

Many firms have experienced problems that can be resolved using customer relationship management software. First, it can be incredibly difficult to collect leads on potential customers, especially since buying a home is a major decision and customers are looking for a good price and great service. The online marketplace is vast and customers are willing to shop around. Therefore, the firm that is proactive in reaching out to customers and is willing to run aggressive marketing campaigns will see more success than a passive firm.

Automated Marketing and Lead Capturing

Firms are under incredible pressure due to the intense competition in the online marketplace. Therefore, firms need to be constantly experimenting with their online marketing strategy, and also have a way to capitalize on the leads that they do collect. Soffront allows firms to run various marketing campaigns and compare the results, in order to discover the most effective way to promote their business. Additionally, Soffront is able to capture potential leads from web traffic and inquiries. These potential leads are then automatically ranked by sales-readiness then passed along to the sales team. This allows sales teams to triage their efforts and apply them to customers that are most likely to be profitable.

Automated Sales Support

Computer technology costSoffront has a variety of functions that have been useful for boosting sales for mortgage brokers. It can be very difficult to keep track of different customers and all of their data, and Soffront has implemented solutions. Business cards can be scanned and automatically cataloged. All email correspondence is captured and stored in customer profiles, allowing firms to provide continuous delivery to their clients, regardless of the person handling the case.

Soffront has a sophisticated sales forecasting algorithm, which allows firms to evaluate their cash flow and predict the possible range of outcomes. In order to improve performance, it is imperative to track performance metrics, and Soffront allows brokers to evaluate metrics of their choice. The program can also generate daily smart to-do lists, which allow firms to ensure that potential leads don’t slip away.

Automated Customer Relationship Support

Customer support doesn’t end after the sale is complete, and Soffront has functions to help firms ensure that they are fulfilling their service agreements and resolving customer issues in a timely and professional matter. Mortgages are major investments for the typical customer, so it is essential that firms can maintain their positive relationship with them. Soffront can create customer service tickets and track them from submission to completion, and provide automatic reminders. The program also has a project management component that can help teams company-wide stay on track.

The Soffront Advantage

Soffront is a great choice for CRM software for mortgage brokers looking to take their business to the next level. The software has a huge array of functions that work on their integrated cloud-based database. They offer excellent customer support and service for firms, in order to help them maximize their revenue.

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