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How Can Lawyers Use CRM & Automated Marketing for their Business?

 CRM for Law Firms

Data is your friend

Big data and the prevalence of statistical inference being used for business has been transformational, and an entire industry has sprung up around helping firms manage their information. Businesses in nearly every sector of the economy have found ways to incorporate the insights from data management into their business plan.

Boost your Business

There are many ways that using customer relationship management software can help you boost your business. From tracking client interactions and billing to managing your email and marketing campaigns, crm software allows you to automate the processes that generate business for your firm, letting you focus on other tasks.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management software has been implemented across the board in business settings, from layman’s work to law firms. This software allows firms to have a comprehensive database that collects and records interactions with clients. There are different brands of software tailored for different types of businesses, and one of the best CRM options for law firms is Soffront CRM software.

Soffront for Law Firms

Soffront is a customer relationship management program designed specifically with law firms in mind. It is a comprehensive software, with options for cloud-based on onsite storage. The cloud-based option is the industry standard, however, their onsite server for data storage offers much more security at an affordable price point. The program is intended to be a one-stop shop for customer relationship management, managing the entire pipleine from leads to sales to customer support.

Automated Marketing Functions

Marketing is one of the major services offered by this software, and Soffront offers a variety of ways to hone your message and track your results. The program can capture potential leads from website traffic and social media views, which can be ranked by importance and sent to sales teams.

Newsletters are an important way of keeping in touch with clients and customers, and Soffront offers ready-made templates and customizable layouts. Experimentation is necessary to find the most effective way to communicate your message to clients, and Soffront offers the ability to A/B test different copy to hone in on the most effective pitch. This granular way to analyze data offers a firm a way to test their efforts in real-time and constantly tinker to optimize results.

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Automated Sales Functions

It can be incredibly difficult to process leads into completed business, and Soffront offers a variety of functions to assist business and support sales teams. Soffront offers teams the ability to rank leads in terms of their readiness for sale, so teams can focus their efforts on the clients that are most likely to generate returns.

Managing customer contact information can be a pain, and Soffront has the unique ability to scan client business cards and save their contact information to their cloud-based database. Additionally, the software can track all correspondence with clients and automatically link it with their client profile.

Automated Service Functions

Soffront offers a dashboard where users can track customer service tickets, customer projects and complaints, all of which sync across devices to client profiles. The program can support customer service functions across multiple platforms, from phone calls to emails and online support. The program can also provided automated alerts and reminders for all customer projects and timelines, which can help a hectic firm stay on schedule and consistently deliver results.

Software as a Solution

Running a law firm can be incredibly hectic, and the key to being a successful firm is automating processes as much as possible and focusing your scarce effort on the most valuable tasks at hand. Soffront offers support to their users along the entire business cycle, from leads to completed projects. The service is very affordable, and allows business to multiply their hourly output and generate returns that will pay for the service many time over. Measurement is key to improvement in the business context and Soffront allows firms to measure their key metrics and improve their performance to boost their bottom line.

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