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marketing automation for real estate agents

How Real Estate Agents use Marketing Automation to Convert More Leads

Marketing Automation software can be a vital component to a Real Estate Agent’s lead generation strategy. When utilized to its maximum potential, marketing automation allows Real Estate Agents to deliver real-time, personalized marketing messages to prospective clients throughout the sales process.

A well-rounded real estate marketing automation system can magnify the customer’s experience by tailoring custom messages each step of the way with a series of automated emails based on their interests.
Real estate marketing automation also streamlines social media efforts with the ability to schedule posts on top social media channels – a strategy that every modern real estate agent should be using.

With this cutting edge technology, real estate agents have a comprehensive 360-degree view of every data point in their marketing campaigns. This provides the flexibility to fine-tune their marketing messages for optimal lead nurturing.

Marketing Automation can help Real Estate Agents by:

Send Real-Time Updates based on specific touch points from your website. The marketing automation system will inform you the moment a lead takes action. You are able to customize email templates and triggers based on their interests – which dramatically enhances your engagement level with the lead.

lead generation for real estate agents

Here’s an example of a simple, yet effective marketing automation campaign for a real estate website’s lead capture form.

Marketing automation plan for real estate agents

Lead Nurturing

Automated lead scoring systems give you a leg up on the position of your leads in the sales funnel, and guides the lead on the next step in nurturing and closing that lead.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization. the lead score, the higher the probability you have of converting that lead to a customer.

Lead scoring is based on various touch points that measure how engaged a lead is. These touch points are measured by actions taken such as: an opened email or specific links clicked within an email.

lead scoring example

Marketing Automation + CRM for Real Estate Agents

Customer relationship management (CRM) with Marketing Automation abilities can easily automate repetitive tasks to magnify marketing efforts to clients at diverse points in the automation cycle. For instance, as leads or sales prospects fill out a form to inquire more information about a property listing, the system can automatically sync that your database. and send tailored marketing materials, quintessentially through email with the objective of converting them into a real client.

CRMs are designed to compile data on clients across all channels, or contact points between the company and the client, which could encompass the company’s website, live chat, phones, social media, emails and marketing materials.

Sales Force Automation

Sometimes referred to as sales force management. This CRM feature is designed to mitigate communication efforts between a real estate agent and client. A CRM system helps track milestones in the sales funnel by automatically tracking every contact and follow-ups between the client and agent.
CRM software can also provide customer-facing real estate agents detailed data on client’s personal information, concerns, purchasing preferences and buying history.

Soffront as a Solution

Soffront is the global software pioneer in CRM & Marketing Automation and is a top choice for Real Estate agents wanting to take their business activities to the next level. Soffront has helped thousands of businesses generate and convert leads in to real customers.

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