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How Insurance Agents Can Use Marketing Automation to Increase Leads

For Insurance Agents, lead generation is top priority. Insurance Agents who worked in the days before the internet realize that the web has given them new tools that have dramatically changed the way that they can generate new customers and relate to existing clients.

Of all the software available for Insurance Agents today, marketing automation software is among the most powerful. These new robust tools bring with them a revolutionary change that takes marketing, storing data, and using client information to a whole new level undreamed of not all that long ago.

Marketing Automation for Insurance Agents

marketing automation for insurance agents

Among the newest revolutionary advances in the field of CRM software is automated marketing. Marketing automation software dramatically improves the conversion of leads by effectively scoring leads automatically, helping you perfect your sales messaging through A/B testing, and monitor your performance all in one place. As a result, this enhances agents’ performances and boosts their incomes.

Soffront, a leading software company in marketing automation, uses the most advanced systems to help generate leads, automate email campaigns and social media, and to track and store key information.

Here’s a look at ways in which marketing automation can help Insurance Agents to take the management of leads to new heights by using processes that can accomplish major time consuming tasks automatically.

Converting Leads into Customers

A major challenge to most Insurance Agents is to convert leads into customers. Whether they are agents for life, home, boat or other types of Insurance, they have traditionally gained clients by using leads from a variety of sources, getting in touch with those potential customers, and persuading them to take out Insurance with them.

Today, gaining such leads is significantly harder because people can shop around easily online. The use of marketing automation software overcomes that problem by making it easier to gain potential leads online through social media, inquiries from your website and other traffic sources across the web. Those leads are automatically rated, enabling agents to use their best efforts on those prospects that are most likely to produce results.

Soffront allows Insurance Agents to conduct a variety of marketing campaigns and compare the results to determine which is the most effective.

Not only do Insurance Agents understand the importance of making initial contact with prospects, they also have learned the need to follow up on those prospective leads, knowing that many are persuaded to do business with them once they have got to know them over time. An understanding of the client’s situation and the need for specific types of Insurance tailored to their needs are important factors.

Marketing Automation enables Insurance Agents to stay in touch with prospects, follow up with them, and provide opportunities to keep them engaged throughout the sales funnel. It also signals the time when a personal call to the client would be appropriate, while at the same time saving time by avoiding those cold leads who have no interest in their products.

Through its automated processes, Soffront also can handle the process of preparing and distributing emails to a large number of potential clients, being effective in social media and producing regular email newsletters.

Maintaining Communication With Existing Clients

It is vital that Insurance Agents keep their clients happy. Doing so not only ensures that they do not lose them as clients, but also that their clients will recommend them to others, thereby generating new leads.

In order to do so, Insurance Agents should maintain regular contact with their clients. They should be answering any questions that arise, handling potential problems in a timely way, telling them how they are continually working in their best interests, and providing helpful information to them on insurance matters.insurance agent using crm

If they do, a client will be more likely to turn to them when the need arises for more insurance, whether that be a new car, a new house or a new boat. In addition, families grow, move and buy new things. A husband might buy a new valuable ring for his wife, prompting the need to make sure it is covered by an insurance policy, for example.

Soffront’s CRM features allow Insurance Agents to do all of this automatically.

The automated system also will alert an agent when the need for a personal call or a special email arises. Should a complaint arise, Soffront will produce a ticket, enabling an Insurance agent to respond quickly and effectively. The software can also generate daily to do lists so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Storing Data on Clients

Soffront ensures that pre-customer communication can be stored all in one place (CRM), while contract information can be kept in the regulated storage per your agency’s policies. No need for notes lying around on a desk, paper files for each client stored in filing cabinets, or trying to memorize information on each lead. All this valuable information is automatically stored in one place that is easily and quickly accessible. There is no need to switch from one system to another or to learn a variety of systems.

Forecasting the Future

Insurance Agents will want to check regularly whether they are generating sufficient income, what their ongoing costs are, and the degree of new business that they need to generate. Doing so can take considerable time and effort.

Marketing Automation Software by Soffront provides the tools that enable Insurance Agents to monitor their cash flow and predict future income levels.