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Have you ever considered how lucky we are to have technology that can travel with us? Browser-based software has opened up so many avenues to conducting business, communicating with team members and sharing information that the virtual office has overtaken the bricks and mortar version.

CRM technology represents one area where the browser has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the platform. As a backend to most online storefronts or even just informational websites, a CRM platform thrives within today’s modern web browser.

Aside from being accessible, a browser-based CRM provides great potential to capture leads almost automatically.

Most business owners are beginning to understand that they need some kind of online presence. Some opt for just social media, e.g. Facebook page and a Twitter account. The smart business owner will invest in a fully realized platform as it obviously provides more control over marketing and brand promotion.

smart dataThe Immediate Benefits of a Browser-Based CRM

When someone starts to use a CRM, they may not be aware of the immediate benefits. Learning a new system, the uninitiated may have difficulty understanding what the program offers. Here’s a few areas where you can find results in an instant:

Content Publishing

One of the easiest things a CRM can offer a business or organization is the opportunity to publish content. Why is content publishing a benefit? Because it’s the best way to promote online.

We’ve heard or read about ‘going viral’ and how one article, video or picture can bring in the traffic. With a consistent publishing schedule, which a CRM can offer, you’ll increase the possibility of having a content piece (or pieces) get shared and potentially go viral.

In addition, the analytics from the various articles will help you pinpoint the topics that resonate with readers. You can then apply this data towards producing more relevant content.

Data Collection

Form, surveys, comment sections, etc.; Anything that allows someone to enter information. In doing so, this information gets automatically collected and compiled for analysis.

Once analyzed, the data can inform future campaigns that you may run to target the audience from a sp
cific data set.

Not only can you target based on information. You can also target based on behaviors and interactions. Over time, profiles of website visitors are created and automatically segmented based on these online behaviors, eg. email opens, link clicks, forms submitted, pages visited.

Email Marketing

The email address represents the pinnacle of marketing. To get it, you have to offer something worthy of its possession, eg. newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers, videos. The list goes on.

As somewhat the precursor to the CRM, email marketing offers consistent outreach and education and is the foundation for a strong lead nurturing program. Multiple campaigns can target different segments in an effort to cultivate new customers.

Five Long Term Benefits of a Browser-Based CRM

CRM automation used efficiently will allow the solo small to mid-sized business owner to manage greater marketing campaigns. This in turn will allow him or her to compete at a greater level.

Bottom line, what does CRM automation do? The short answer; it does the heavy lifting for you. The longer answer; it automates many of the repetitive manual tasks and allows you to make quicker business decisions.

Is this the beginning of where evil robots take over? Possibly, but let’s first see where a CRM can offer a business benefits for the long term:

time managementTime Management

Because marketing consumes so much time, campaigns tend to be less effective than they should be. CRM automation solves that problem by taking on the more repetitive and time-consuming tasks, e.g. email campaign scheduling, calendar alerts, data compilation, etc.

With these particular tasks automated by the platform, you now have the freedom to concentrate on producing quality communications that enhance customer relationships, rather than just filling the sales funnel with irrelevant content.

Campaign Analysis

Not only will you have time to create the quality campaigns necessary to successful promotion, you’ll now be able to develop and refine campaigns existing campaigns. Why? Campaign analysis.

A major part of campaign development requires making sense of it all. A featured benefit of almost all quality CRM software is a robust analytics program. Within the dashboard, you’ll see behaviors, interactions and forecasts to determine what’s working and what’s not. As you refine your campaign approaches, you’ll be able to develop campaigns specifically targeted to your business’s optimal customer profile.

Audience Profiling

Personalization. No matter whether in the real world or the virtual world, when you receive personalized service, it’s much appreciated. The Web still has ways to go to match in-person service, but the technology continues to push the boundaries of capabilities inherent to the Internet.

A website visitor’s actions (visits, purchases, downloads, etc.) are tracked and compiled into a profile over time. It may seem like an invasion of privacy (which some unscrupulous are guilty of), but most companies just use it to better cater to their customer’s needs, eg. discounts, special offers and events, loyalty programs, etc.

Long Term Customers

Because you’re able to refine and personalize a customer’s online experience, you’ll find the potential to increase loyalty and extreme possibility. These loyal customers will then become brand advocates.

A major benefit of developing long term customer; price is less of a concern when making a purchase because trust has been established. Further, customer habits and purchases become a bit more predictable. This makes sales forecasting and revenue expectations a bit more solid.

Enhanced/Extended Functionality

Because of the nature of many browser-based CRMs,  the ability to tie into third-party plugins, or add-ons extends the functionality of the original CRM program.

With social media a growing channel in the arsenal of promotional tools available, many CRMs tie into platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

As you can see, a browser-based CRM a world of benefits capable of taking businesses to the next level. From content publishing to data collection and campaign analysis to audience personalization, the platform provides an accessible way to maximize your customer growth.

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