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Hosted or on-premise – choose what you need

Flexible Modules

Choose the modules you need from sales automation, customer service, project management, and defect tracking at an affordable cost. You don’t need to subscribe to the entire solution at once. Select the modules you need today, and activate the rest when you are ready.

Fully Customizable

Eliminate costly implementations with sophisticated drag and drop tools to completely customize screens, processes and business rules without the need of a programmer.

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Thousands of businesses like you have benefited from Soffront

Although many companies claim that their software is customizable, in reality, it isn’t. The problem with customizing an application is that if you make too many modifications, you won’t be able to accept updates from the software vendor. Soffront allows us to tailor the software to meet our specific business processes without the fear of experiencing problems when we update.

Jeffrey Zickler

President, PayPlus Software

Soffront’s speed and ease of implementation, combined with their integrated suite of products and highly competitive pricing led us to choose them over other CRM systems such as Zoho, Salesforce.com, and Maximizer. We also found Soffront very simple to use.

Debby Webster

Owner and consultant, Triskel Consulting

We use Soffront CRM for sales, customer service, knowledge and asset management functions. We chose Soffront CRM because of its easy integration and customization for all our departments.

The 1 click 360 view capability enables our sales and customer support people to get the important customer information quickly and help improve our customer satisfaction.

David Lewis

Executive Vice President, Sentric