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Soffront Introduces The Perfect Reputation Management Solution & Social Marketing Tool for Small And Medium Businesses

Soffront Introduces The Perfect Reputation Management Solution & Social Marketing Tool for Small And Medium Businesses

Las Vegas, Nevada, May 14, 2018 – Soffront is thrilled to announce a valuable addition to its award-winning CRM platform. Online reputation management and social marketing will provide businesses with the information they need to monitor, manage, post, respond and control their reputation online from one easy-to- use dashboard.

As the internet and smart technology continues to transform the way businesses and consumers interface, online reputation management is more pertinent than ever. Soffront’s new offering is designed to stay ahead of the curve by giving companies the capacity to easily manage, monitor, and mediate their reputation across the entire internet.

“This is more than reacting to negative reviews or feedback,” said Founder and CEO, Manu Das. “This is about empowering businesses with tools and insights they need to build better businesses and customer relationships.”

Why reputation management matters to all businesses

With more than 90% of consumers searching online before making a purchase, reputation management is crucial to digital marketing success. From listings and reviews to keeping your pulse on what people are saying about your company online, Soffront’s reputation management software can help you gain control of your business’s online reputation from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Our software allows business owners and marketers direct access to:

  • Online directory listings, including Google Maps, Facebook, and Yellow pages.
  • Monitor, respond to, and generate customer reviews.
  • Get an alert every time your business or brand is mentioned anywhere online.
  • Track your business’s and employees’ social media activity.
  • Track and compare your business and reputation to that of your competitors.
  • Set up personalized alerts and reports for key performance metrics.

“With more conversations happening online and through social networks, it can be difficult for local businesses to remain responsive to the ever-changing expectations and demands of their customers and clients,” said Das. “By giving businesses a way to easily track, manage, and respond to ongoing feedback, companies can leverage the information they receive to build stronger, longer, and more meaningful relationships with their consumer-base.”

Social media management made easy

With more than 2.5 billion people turning to social media networks in 2018, it’s no wonder that companies in every industry are rushing to fine tune how they engage with their audiences on social media platforms. Soffront’s online reputation management functions now allow businesses to manage and maintain their social media interactions from the same dashboard they monitor their reputation. This will allow businesses to post, monitor and respond to all social media channels from one location.

“The impetus is now on businesses to meet their customers where they spend the most time,” said Das, “Increasingly, that means connecting with your customers through their mobile devices and peer networks.”

The new reputation management and Social Marketing system will complement Soffront’s dynamic CRM and marketing automation offerings, which include marketing, business, sales, and project automation, website development, and digital marketing services.


About Soffront

Since 1992, Soffront CRM has brought success to thousands of businesses by improving the way they connect with their consumers, engage with prospects, and generate leads. Soffront staked its claim as an innovator in the space by being one of the first companies to introduce cloud-based CRM solutions to the industry. Our dynamic CRM and marketing platform provides businesses customizable features that go far beyond the basic functions allowed by most CRM systems, which is why we’re the choice for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and businesses alike.


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