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Imagetek Success Story

Business Challenges

  • Get 360 degree view of customer.
  • Compile all business processes into single solution.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase revenues through better efficiencies and communication.


  • Attained automated, easy to use 360 degree view of clients.
  • Integrated all departments into simple, powerful, automated CRM solution.
  • Improved customer service while increasing client satisfaction.
  • Saved time, enhanced efficiencies,and expanded marketing/sales opportunities.
  • Efficiency increased by an estimated 20% with an expected 75% increase with full Soffront implementation.

Since 1995, Imagetek Inc. has been helping clients make the paper-to-digital transformation quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Today, they are a national leader in the enterprise content management (ECM) and business process automation industry, serving customers in government, banking, healthcare and education. As the company grew over the years, Imagetek realized that they needed a better way to manage their expanding customer base. A couple of years ago, they began searching for the best CRM solution to meet their growing needs.


Challenge: Automating a 360 degree view of the customer

“Our biggest concern was that we were not getting a complete view of our clients,” explained Kyle Foster, Director of Research and Development at Imagetek. “We are a one stop shop for content management, providing a broad range of ECM software, hardware, and services. We needed a better way for every department to quickly access and track all aspects of our business. We also wanted our clients to be able to access a customer portal and receive immediate information, updates or status reports from us.”

To determine the best CRM solution, Imagetek set up a committee to look at CRM applications. There target list included On Contact, Soffront, NetSuite, SalesForce.com, and Goldmine. Each department at Imagetek compiled a list of “must have” and “nice to have” features in a CRM solution.

After an exhaustive six month research effort that included webinars and live presentations, the team narrowed the search down to two companies: Soffront and On Contact. Both were invited back for an even more detailed evaluation. In the end, Imagetek chose Soffront Software because of the product’s range and flexibility.

“Both products met all of our needs, but Soffront was more powerful,” summarized Foster. “We came to realize that by using Soffront, our capabilities were limitless. The product is so scalable that we can customize it to do anything we need.”


Solution: Soffront’s limitless capabilities

Imagetek purchased all of the Soffront modules and began a phased roll out. Currently, the company has deployed Soffront’s Customer Support, Customer Portal, Marketing Automation, KMS, PDA Access, Asset Management, QB Integration, Time Cost Tracker, and E-mail Response. Imagetek is utilizing these applications in all departments including sales, technical services, professional services, outsourcing services, hardware, administration, and marketing.

“We are currently running all tickets through Soffront and have opened up a client portal for customers to access problems and solutions,” continued Foster. “All client purchases are logged in Soffront, along with maintenance contracts. Everything is available on the customer portal for our customers to be able to log in and see exactly what they have with us, along with any outstanding issues and resolutions.”

According to Foster, all departments in the company are actively using the product to increase efficiency. “Hardware uses it to better track assets for service requirements, sales can more effectively understand the client’s contracted professional and technical services, and marketing can better track leads.”

Imagetek cites the following Soffront features as vital in their success: unlimited users for customer portal, auto support ticket from email (with auto resolution), Outlook integration via button bar, customizable workflow, hosted or local install options, built in time tracking/billing and prepaid hours, QuickBooks integration, unlimited storage, auto assign tickets based upon specified criteria, sub department capabilities, click through tracking and do not solicit options for email campaigns, live chat for support, Gantt chart capabilities, offline capabilities, and mobile access from smart phones.


Results: Saves time, improves customer service, increases revenues

According to Foster, “Prior to Soffront CRM, we were not tracking how long it was taking us to manually accomplish all of the processes we now do automatically through Soffront. So I can’t give a definitely number on time savings, but I can conservatively estimate we have improved efficiency by at least twenty percent. As we continue to deploy the product, we expect that number to continue to improve. We expect to ultimately achieve a seventy-five percent increase in efficiency due to Soffront CRM.”

Customer service and satisfaction has also dramatically improved. “Our internal customer service representatives and our clients are both extremely pleased with the product,” continued Foster. “Everything is automatic, making communication and tracking simple.”

Imagetek also expects revenues to increase as Soffront is used more in the sales and marketing areas. Soffront makes it easier for Imagetek’s sales and marketing departments to communicate more effectively with current customers and focus more appropriately on prospects. “The opportunity to touch base with clients in a more targeted way and with more frequency is a huge plus. Using Soffront, we can better tailor our marketing and sales efforts, saving time and increasing revenue opportunities.”