Would you prefer to call only those that are ready to buy?

Soffront CRM software does the heavy lifting by automatically ranking leads that are responding to your marketing activities. So you …

  1. Call only those that are ready to buy
  2. Automatically move them to different groups based on their response so that you send only relevant information

These two goals alone will be worth many times the investment

Soffront all in one sales and marketing software can do much more than that
(sales software + Marketing Software) X Integrated =
More Sales
Your leads already know how your product can help them
In Less Time
Your leads trust your brand before talking to you
With Less Effort
See the level of interest of your leads
At The Right Time
Call only ready to buy leads
Without Losing Time

Convert More Leads to Customers

… Sales CRM features

Work on Multiple Accounts at the Same Time

Do things faster. Tab based screens let you lookup and work on multiple accounts at the same time.


Prospect Efficiently – Everything in One Screen

One simple “Excel like” screen shows you your prospect list at a glance.
Make calls, send emails, add notes, and set appointments without leaving the screen.


Complete Tasks On Time, Every Time

We help you to focus by generating a to-do and appointment list every morning.
You can drill down and look up lead and contact information before completing your to-dos.


Organize Your Customer Information – Everything in One Screen

Organize your important customer details Including a complete history of interactions, contacts, deals, files, and upcoming tasks.


Define Many-To-Many Relations

Accurately define and establish relationships between your leads, contacts, and customers.


Track Deals and Make Accurate Forecasts

Know what your pipeline is worth at any point.
Run forecast reports for an individual sales rep, the sales manager, or the entire sales force.


Follow a Sales Process – Fine Tune Your business

Define and follow the sales process that works for you.
Break your sales cycle into stages and define tasks to be completed for each stage.


Be Mobile – iPhone and Android Apps

Get access to real-time information on the road with Soffront iPhone and Android apps.
Scan business cards into CRM right after a meeting or a networking event.

Generate and Nurture More Leads

… Marketing CRM features

Get More Leads From Your Website

Add fully customizable online lead capture forms to your website or social media pages.Add leads automatically to marketing groups and nurturing campaigns.


Nurture Leads Using Drip Campaigns

Nurture your leads by sending a sequence of personalized emails over a period of time.
Your drip campaigns keep on running automatically without manual intervention.


Test your message to get a better response from your e-mail list

  • Create two different e-mails and choose a small group to test before sending to your entire list.
  • Automatically send the winner message to the rest of your list.


Automatically Score and Rank your Leads

  • Automatically score your leads based on how they interact with your marketing activities.
  • Focus on leads that have a higher chance of conversion.


Save time by managing your Social Campaigns Inside Soffront

  • Schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  • See how many people have interacted with your posts and respond their comments.


Convert More Leads With Targeted Newsletters

Send email newsletters to targeted prospects and customers.
Use hundreds of stylish pre-built email templates and and put a personal touch with mail merge fields.


Automate Marketing Using Rules

Define “If-Then” rules to take actions based on how your contacts interact with your campaigns.
Automatically notify your sales team, move contacts to different campaigns, create follow-up tasks, and more.


Monitor Campaign Performance

Get timely, fact-based insights into campaigns for continuous improvement.
Track email response rates including opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports.


Integrate with Third Party Software

… connect all the parts of your business

Integrate with Popular Email and Calendar Systems

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps to synchronize calendars and activities.
Forward emails from any email client to record email interactions with leads and contacts in CRM.


Integrate with 400+ business apps

Integrate with 400+ accounting, eCommerce, event management, and other business apps using Zapier.