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Grow sales ready leads. Close more deals.

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Automate Marketing

  • Automatically capture leads from your website or social media pages
  • Send automated email sequences
  • Run automated split test campaigns to determine your most effective messaging
  • Customize your own newsletter or choose one of our many pre-built templates
  • Track website visits
  • Automatically rank leads before handing over to sales
  • Monitor campaign performance
  • Manage your social media inside CRM

Automate Sales

  • Define your unique sales process and setup automatic sales follow-ups
  • Focus only on the leads that are ranked higher on “sales readiness”
  • Make phone calls from CRM
  • Follow automatically generated smart to-do lists every morning
  • Accurately forecast the pipeline for you and your team
  • Capture email communications automatically against leads
  • Scan business cards into contacts
  • Automatically notify managers if leads are not converted within a time frame

Automate Service

  • Define and follow a service process that works for you
  • Track support tickets, customer projects, and defects
  • Offer support from multiple channels using your website, email, and phone
  • Find common solutions from part resolved tickets
  • Get complete visibility on projects includes due dates and resource availability
  • Get timely, fact-based insight into the entire customer support and project management processes

Safe. Secure. Completely Web Based

Completely web based. There is no software to install with Soffront. Use your favorite web browser to access Soffront anywhere, anytime.


Our servers are hosted in Amazon's state-of-the-art secure data centers. We take security very seriously ensuring your data is safe and secure.

We provide data redundancy for your peace of mind. Your data is backed up daily and stored in multiple locations for redundancy.

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Generate and Nurture More Leads

Marketing Automation Features

Automatically Capture Leads From Your Website

Design fully customizable online lead capture forms for your website and social media pages. Add leads automatically to marketing groups and nurturing campaigns.

Make Leads “Sales Ready” Using Drip Campaigns

Nurture your leads by sending a sequence of educational emails over a period of time. Your drip campaigns keep on running automatically without manual intervention.

Automate Marketing Using Marketing Rules

Define “If-Then” rules to take actions based on how your contacts interact with your campaigns. Automatically notify your sales team, move contacts to different campaigns, create follow-up tasks, and more.

Score and Rank your Leads Automatically

Automatically score your leads based on how they interact with your marketing activities. Focus on leads that have a higher chance of conversion.

Track Who is Visiting Your Website

Track and get real time alerts when your contacts visit your website. Setup follow-up actions based on how they interact with your website.

Convert More Leads With Targeted Newsletters

Send email newsletters to targeted prospects and customers. Use hundreds of stylish pre-built email templates and and put a personal touch with mail merge fields.

Automatically A/B Test your Messages

Create two different e-mails and choose a small group to test before sending to your entire list. Automatically send the winning message to the rest of your list.

Save Time by Managing your Social Campaigns Inside Soffront

Schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. See how many people have interacted with your posts and respond their comments.

Monitor Campaign Performance

Get timely, fact-based insights into campaigns for continuous improvement. Track email response rates including opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports.

Convert More Leads to Customers

Sales Automation Features

Follow a Sales Process – Fine Tune Your business

Define and follow the sales process that works for you. Break your sales cycle into stages and define tasks and automated email follow-ups for each stage. Notify managers if leads are not converted on time.

Organize Your Customer Information – Everything in One Screen

Organize your important customer details including a complete history of calls, emails, contacts, deals, files, and upcoming tasks and appointments.

Call Leads and Customers Directly from CRM

Call leads and customers directly from CRM without wasting time dialing phone numbers. Dial out from the browser – there’s nothing to install. Your call history gets automatically added to CRM.

Complete Tasks On Time, Every Time

We help you to focus by generating a to-do and appointment list every morning. You can drill down and look up lead and contact information before completing your to-dos.

Track Deals and Make Accurate Forecasts

Know what your pipeline is worth at any point. Run forecast reports for an individual sales rep, the sales manager, or the entire sales force.

Integrate with Popular Email and Calendar Systems

Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps to synchronize calendars and activities. Forward emails from any email client to record email interactions with leads and contacts in CRM.

Provide Better Service at a Lower Cost

Service Automation Features

Automate and Optimize your Support Process

Define and follow a support process that works for you. Break your sales cycle into stages and define tasks to be completed for each stage.

Manage Tickets from Submission to Resolution

Manage the entire support process from capturing tickets, assignment, escalation, to resolution.

Measure Service Results

Get timely, fact-based insight into the entire service process with pre-built reports.

Join Thousands of Businesses Using Soffront

Soffront Online CRM saves me a lot of time. I work with multiple customer records simultaneously, review my pending activities and drill down to the details in one click. Prospecting is very efficient and it is easy to manage my pipeline.

I use Soffront’s built-in email and social marketing to nurture and qualify my leads.

Mark Porter

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

To have email campaigns integrated in the same CRM is extremely beneficial. Our marketing manager shoots out campaigns regularly, and the sales team can see which of their leads opened, bounced, etc. So that they can follow up and act on these.

Everything is tracked in one place. This is awesome.

Nagui Bihelek

CEO, Business Edge Coaching

Soffront is the most robust CRM I have seen by far for the investment. From entering my prospect information to moving them through the sales process it a time saver, not a time sucker! The ability to schedule and customize monthly drip campaigns and marketing emails is another awesome feature.

Soffront is very easy is to customize to your own needs, even I can do it.

Brian Bleeke

Business Development Manager, InXpress