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Improve Customer Service. Eliminate Project Delays.

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Automate Customer Service

… Provide Better Service at Lower Cost

Manage Tickets from Submission to Resolution

Create tickets from phone calls, web, and email and assign them to support reps.
Have complete access to customer information, files, solutions, and tasks related to the ticket.


Provide Support Using Multiple Channels

Offer support from multiple channels using your website, email, phone, and chat.


Offer Self Service to Your Customers

Offer a customer portal and let your customers submit tickets from your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Provide a knowledge base to your customers where they type in questions and get answers.


Ensure Adherence to SLAs

Define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and measure your support team’s response time against your SLA.
Get alerts and notifications when you miss your SLA numbers and escalate those automatically.


Streamline and Optimize your Support Process

Define and follow a support process that works for you.
Dynamically generate next actions that guide customer support reps through your defined process.


Measure Customer Service Results

Get timely, fact-based insight into the entire support process for continuous improvement.
Support dashboards offer instant snapshots of KPIs including SLA, first call resolution, productivity, and performance reporting.


Automate Project Management

… Deliver Projects On Time, Every Time

Manage Customer and IT Projects

Manage all customer and IT projects from a central location, including tasks, milestones, resources, and change requests.
Ensure service and delivery excellence by tracking all time and expenses and keeping the right resources on the right projects.


Manage Defects

Effortlessly track product defects and manage product enhancement requests.
Follow your defect resolution process and know where every defect stands in the resolution process.


Dedicated Implementation Team

… Soffront Smoothstart Program

Soffront SmoothStart Program is a proven implementation methodology that incorporates the best practices in CRM implementation with an iterative approach. You will have a dedicated team that knows your business and every detail of your implementation. The built-to-adapt Soffront solution and the proven methodology ensure the success of your implementation, within a matter of days.

You work jointly with your dedicated Soffront team to reduce implementation costs. The table below summarizes the key tasks/milestones, the expected dates of completion and the owner for each task.


Technical Support and Training

… Get help and stay up-to-date

Dedicated Global Support

Stay up-to-date with our commitment to quality products. With dedicated support, you receive all software updates including product enhancements, feature requests, and bug fixes. Soffront offers you the advantage of a global support team, leveraging its presence in India.
Our support engineers work 24X7 to address your support queries.

Customized Personal Training

We offer a complete suite of customized end-user training. Learn straight from experienced Soffront engineers and get step-by-step instructions and tips and best practices in designing, configuring, and implementing Soffront Service Automation.

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