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Frequently asked questions about CRM and Marketing Automation

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What tasks can a CRM automate?

A CRM is great at reducing almost any time-consuming or repetitive manual tasks. This includes automating emails, routing tasks, escalating uncompleted issues and triggering reports. Larger tasks include connecting sales, marketing and customer service teams in an effort to streamline workflow between departments.

What are the sales managing capabilities of CRM?

The software can help track sales opportunities, from lead acquisition, follow-up and proposal offers,to sales team coordination and workflow.

Does CRM integrate with social media?

Depending on the social media app or platform, most CRMs have integration capabilities with social media. Most will opt for the more popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As newer social media platforms develop, each CRM will make its one determination on what will get integrated.

Do I download CRM software and install it myself or can I use it online?

You actually have the option to choose either option. With an online (cloud) CRM solution, you avoid expenses associated with a downloaded (on-premise) CRM, including software, any upgrades, server maintenance and administration. With no need for server installation, a Online CRM helps users get started quicker. On the other hand, an On-Premise platform gives you complete ownership of the software and more customization to your current operation needs without recurring subscription charges.

How does a CRM usually handle follow-ups?

Automated alerts help sales reps respond to questions or requests on time without any delay. Most automation software will send real-time notifications to individual sales rep whenever a lead performs a pre-determined action like submit a form or download a content piece. Some platforms can even track phone calls in some cases.

How will Marketing Automation drive leads to my business?

CRM Marketing automation forms integrated within your website can increase the opportunities to collect visitor information. Content hosted and syndicated through outreach campaigns like email marketing can extend that reach.

What insights will I gain from Marketing Automation?

Within a specific marketing campaign, you can get sequential information such as what page a visitor landed on, the form they filled out, which email messages they opened and the links they have clicked on within the message. From this data, you can build a visitor profile and have the software automatically assign them to a sales person when they’ve hit a threshold determined by level of interaction.

Does the CRM help reduce time spent on tasks unrelated to sales?

Most CRMs automate many of the productivity tasks that used to take up much of a sales person’s time. Because automating manual tasks will provide more time to the sales reps to focus on calling and lead generation, closing deals in less time becomes more productive.

Does CRM software have analytics?

The most effective CRM will provide analytics to track visitor actions and your automated response to them. The more you can track customer actions, the more personalized you can tmake your marketing and sales processes.

Is CRM scalable?

Most CRMs offer options to upgrade. Whether its extended functionality in the areas of sales, marketing or customer service or the option to add more users, CRMs are platforms capable of ever-increasing growth. Scalability can also come in the form of third-party plugins (add-ons). These will vary from platform to platform.

Helping Thousands of Businesses With CRM and Marketing Automation

Soffront Online CRM saves me a lot of time. I work with multiple customer records simultaneously, review my pending activities and drill down to the details in one click. Prospecting is very efficient and it is easy to manage my pipeline.

I use Soffront’s built-in email and social marketing to nurture and qualify my leads.

Mark Porter

Owner, Express Employment Professionals

To have email campaigns integrated in the same CRM is extremely beneficial. Our marketing manager shoots out campaigns regularly, and the sales team can see which of their leads opened, bounced, etc. So that they can follow up and act on these.

Everything is tracked in one place. This is awesome.

Nagui Bihelek

CEO, Business Edge Coaching

Soffront is the most robust CRM I have seen by far for the investment. From entering my prospect information to moving them through the sales process it a time saver, not a time sucker! The ability to schedule and customize monthly drip campaigns and marketing emails is another awesome feature.

Soffront is very easy is to customize to your own needs, even I can do it.

Brian Bleeke

Business Development Manager, InXpress