Gluten Free is Not for Me

Gluten FreeIn case you haven’t noticed, the “Gluten Free” craze is in full swing. My supermarket even has its own section dedicated to Gluten Free.

To be honest with you, I had to research what Gluten was. Afterwards, I didn’t want or need that diet. At that point, it seemed rather complicated to me. I decided that what I would, or would not get, wasn’t worth the effort. It even got to the point where I read that there was special cookware for Gluten free products. You have got to be kidding me! Wait, I have to change the way I cook too? Nope.

I am the type of person that knows what works in my kitchen, and I like to rely on a few simple tools to help me get there. I am not the type of person that needs a week to read an instruction manual to find out how my new toaster oven works.

CRMs are like that. There are CRMs out there that slice, dice, and they even julienne. They will make your coffee start the moment your alarm clock goes out. You got it; your fuzzy slippers automatically get positioned to where your two feet land when you step out of bed. Do I dare speak of automatic newspaper retrieval?

You get it. If you are like millions out there like me, you want a CRM that is easy to learn, use, does what you need it to do, and doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money. The last thing you need is to hire a consultant to implement your CRM. To me that seems ridiculous. That is counter-productive. It’s like saying, “I can’t learn this by myself because it is too complicated. I need to hire someone. ” Where is the control?

Okay, I think you get it. For dinner, I will have a burger, grilled onions, mushrooms, extra cheese, and bacon. For dessert, I will have Soffront CRM.

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Target Practice Anyone?

Target PracticeYou want to hit the Bulls-eye. You have been practicing for hours on end. You have it burned into your mind that “Practice makes perfect.” Your goal is to pick up your target pistol anytime, anywhere and showcase your skills as a shooter. Of course to make sure that you hit the mark, you need to have faith in your pistol. You need to make sure that the sight is accurate, and it is firing true. Of course you have completed that. You took it to a Gunsmith, and they have verified it is 100% accurate.

Your CRM should be just like a Gunsmith. You practiced your cold calling, you honed your skills as a speaker, and you know your product in and out. You are set. Is your CRM in tune with you? It has to be. You can have all the skills in the world, but if your gun is not functioning properly you will not meet your goal.
The business world is a battlefield. Your CRM Software is your weapon. It has to be the tool that keeps track of your leads, tell you what tasks need to be completed, and helps you send eye catching campaigns. It should help you hit the target when you are sleeping.

Don’t merely think of your CRM as a piece of software. Think of it as your survival mainstay, your best friend. It is the one thing that could keep you alive out there.

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Let’s Make A Deal!

Make A DealMaybe some of you are familiar with this popular game show. The context is that if you get chosen out of the audience, then you have a chance to win big prizes by choosing what is behind a large box or a big curtain. You don’t know what is behind the box or the curtain. The host will then tease you by offering you a certain amount of money in exchange for your box or curtain. Very often you opt for the mystery box or curtain. When the box or curtain is revealed, it could be a car or a stuffed animal.

A CRM shouldn’t be like that. It is our goal at Soffront to make sure that you do not need to make that choice. We will not tease you with something and deliver something else. You know exactly what you are getting. Once you sign up you will feel comfortable, and you can rest assured that the correct decision was made.

We offer you several alternatives to make your choice easy and informative. We have a trial period where you can test drive the CRM to see how well it works. We have an instant sign up where you can utilize the full capabilities of the software. We even go so far as to offer a Quick Start program where we will help you configure the system, import your data, create custom fields, and even provide customized one on one training.
At Soffront, we won’t ask you play, “Let’s make a deal.” We will give you one.

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Let’s go to the Horse Races!

Horse racing“I’ll bet on the gray horse. They always win.” “I will bet on any horse that this jockey is riding.” “Look! That horse is wearing pink on his saddle! That’s my favorite color.”

Well, anyone who knows horse racing knows it is more involved in that. Things like bloodlines, owner, trainer, and weather are also factors. Researching things like this will give you an advantage; a big advantage.

This illustrates the similarities with choosing a CRM. You need to check the bloodlines. How long has this company been in business? What is its track record? Who is the Owner? How innovative is he/she and his/her staff? What are the qualifications of his/her staff? What does the community say about their effectiveness? Here is the challenge…Is the CRM company so huge that you end up spending an entire day just to find out who the owner is? What is their SLA for responding to technical issues? How often do they provide revision updates to their product?

Let me introduce you to Soffront. The owner is a pioneer in the CRM field. Check the website, You will instantly see information on him as well as the rest of his management staff. Also at Soffront, they do not adhere to a set software release schedule. If you asked for something to be included, their knowledgeable engineering staff will be glad to complete a feasibility study and include that in the software as quick as possible. Also, on their website you can see multiple testimonials of what the community is saying about the product and their award winning Technical Support department.

Study the horses. We bet that you will enjoy your winnings when you bet on Soffront.

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What is in Your Help Section?

aaaThere is nothing more irritating then when you get stuck on something. You try what seems like 20 different things, and nothing works. You want to start pulling your hair out and banging on the desk. You try and the help menu, but you discover that the help center isn’t all that helpful. Have you ever looked at the help window in any Microsoft product? It’s incredibly unhelpful! What are they talking about? I know I’m reading English because I recognize the words. However, the formation of the words means absolutely nothing to me. It’s either that or the topics in the help center have nothing to do with your problem.

We here at Soffront pride ourselves in making sure you have all the information that is needed to make any project possible. There is a very comprehensive self-help center. We have documentation on almost any feature you can think of. We also have videos on just about anything you could ask for.


There are some really short ones that can show you something as small as previewing a sales template:


Or maybe you need something to show you how to access your campaign results:


Or maybe you need a walkthrough on how do something more in depth, like how to setup a workflow:

We’re even working on getting some animations in for some of the simpler tasks to save you even more time. We want out help center to be, well, helpful. It’s crazy, right? I hope you’ve found this blog… helpful.

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