CRM News: Soffront Tab Based Architecture makes working in parallel a breeze


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User interface: human – machine interaction

Friction: the force resisting relative motion

The slightest hint of friction can often spell disaster for your productivity. This truth is seared into the soul of Soffront CRM. Soffront boasts the industries highest adoption rates specifically because the user interface is intuitive and natural. What is unique about the Soffront CRM user design?


Tab Based Architecture

Tab based architecture, similar to tabs on your browser, offers a very clean environment to pursue your work. Multi-tasking is a fact of life, especially in business communications, Tabs allow the Soffront user to easily work with several projects in parallel. Let’s review an example… Say you want to set up an email touch campaign, i.e. a series of emails automatically distributed over a scheduled period of time, as you begin your first email copy you get a call from a client who needs immediate help, instead of closing down your touch campaign you simply open up a new tab from your home page.

CRM homepage

You drill down through the customers notes and see that their problem is already solved so you let the customer know your team is on top of the situation and then you go back to your touch campaign, you don’t have to refind your place because you never left it, you simply click on the touch campaigns tab and you are right back in productive mode.

Tabs within Tabs

Soffront CRM tab based user interface is intuitive
Tabs make the entire Soffront CRM experience very intuitive. Touch campaigns are often the most tedious and disorganized tasks you can complete in many Email Marketing & CRM systems, but not so with Soffront. In Soffront your touch campaign is localized in one tab, with each email organized as a tab within that tab. You can even edit more then one touch campaign at a time. Copying and replicating emails are also very intuitive.
For these simple but ultra practical reasons you should consider using Soffront CRM as your main Email Marketing tool. You can sign up for a NO RISK free trial here:




How to ensure a healthy happy & productive salesforce?


Sales teams are happiest when they have the tools to do their jobs. The happiest teams are also the most productive. The old adage of 20% of sales personnel being responsible for 80% of the sales revenue has only become truer with the advancement of technology.

So how does a business ensure a happy salesforce?

Answer = Utilize the right tools so their work lives are simple.

How does an individual salesperson keep from being overwhelmed with the hundreds of contacts, proposals, replies & prospects at various levels in the sales process?

Answer = utilize a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform
• Track correspondence history with contacts, keep all communication organized under the same “roof” i.e. screen.
• Apply a consistent sales process to all prospects, where by your software notifies you of the specific tasks to accomplish for each step in your workflow aka sales stages and leads are not slipping through the ‘cracks’ after a missed email or unfollowed up solicitation

How does a business ensure a productive salesforce?

Answer = utilize Marketing software that magnifies efforts in a repeatable and automatic fashion
• Keep in touch with new leads in effortless manner by having your marketing emails consistently distributed without the constant involvement of your salesteam.
• Prioritize your current leads by focusing on the prospects who are most engaged with your message. No need for deep analysis, your marketing system should identify and notify you of when your leads get engaged.

Soffront CEO Manu Das interviewed by Desi 1170am

Soffront CRM compares best says host…

CRM integrated with Marketing & Sales Automation? The host suggests Free trial no credit card required.

You can hear why on a great interview Soffront CEO Manu Das had this morning @soffront @TechAmPower @Desi1170AM #crm 

Watch the video above or

Download the 10-14-14 mp3

Name of the Game = Salespersons ROI
Occurs because of simplicity and that the sales person actually desires to use the CRM because it saves them more time then it takes. Adoption rate is critical to management too because
Higher Adoption = Higher Data = More Accurate Forecasts & Reports

Start from the ground up! Soffront CRM can be mastered by knowledge of only 3 screens.

The radio host takes an on air trial of Soffront and Loves it! “That’s Fantastic”

His Favorite part? The workflow! This is where you can set up sales processes and run your small business more efficiently.

Do you want to be an Efficient Dialer or Effective Marketer?

soffront CRM recues you from phone anhiliation

Imagine this… You have 500 contacts. You are an efficient dialer and you call 100 people per day which nets you 1 good conversation about your product or service. Calling your entire list takes 5 full days. You end up with 5 decent prospects of which you make 1 sale.

Now imagine this… You put 500 new contacts into your CRM + Email Marketing system and start a nurture campaign. Your CRM + Email Marketing system is smart enough to know when a contact is engaging with your email and automatically notifies you of the most interested prospects which you can call directly. After 5 weeks you’ve had 5 great conversations and you’ve made 1 new sale.

Now let’s multiply that x 10

In the first case: 50 full-time days of calling 8 hours/day, 50 conversations, 10 sales.

In the second case: 2 days of calling preset appointments, 50 conversations, 10 sales.

In the second case you import all the contacts at once and it takes you exactly the same amount of whether you are dealing with 500 contacts or 5,000. During the 5 week campaign your CRM + Email Marketing system notifies you of 50 highly interested prospects and you automatically schedule appointments for phone conversations via email. You schedule two leisurely half days for phone appointments and you make 10 sales.

Do you want to work hard or work smart?

CRM – A Balancing Act

Last night since the Giants were losing, I switched to watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. I love watching the concoctions local restaurateurs come up with and am always impressed with their ingenuity in comfort food creation.

While part of me would love to devour some of the gastric creations, the other, more rational half of me says, “Wow, that’s great but it’s too much of a good thing.”

It’s a fine line isn’t it? The rare times I’ve gone out to fancy restaurants, there have been times where I’ve felt that I wanted to hit the drive-thru after because I’m still a little hungry from the small discrete portions I’ve paid an exorbitant amount for.

On the other hand, if I was able to finish some of the plates on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, I’d feel like a bear who had enough fat stored up to hibernate for the winter.

Same goes with CRMs and Email marketing programs – I touched on this last blog, but I’ve worked with some CRMs and email programs which almost do too much and take a long time to get where I want to go. Lots of features, but the accessibility to those features stinks. And then there’s the bare bone cheapie programs which don’t do a whole lot at all. You can work with them for what they are, but you’re left feeling dissatisfied that there has gotta be something more.

Our continual effort at Soffront is to provide both a very functional and accessible CRM, marketing and customer service program at a great price where you can control your customer management from one-screen and see everything you need to see for that customer right there in front of you.

Likewise for our email marketing programs – we know marketers, like salespeople, are busy folks and they want to put an email program together quickly because after this deadline another one is coming up right behind it.

Our master chef and CEO, Manu Das, has spent years perfecting the balance between just enough and not too much as far as our product goes. And where you’re happy to pay the bill because you’re getting a great plate of CRM, Email marketing and service at a great price.

And the dish isn’t done – we continue to spice up our offerings and change things around if we find customers saying, “There’s too much cilantro in my CRM,” or “Can I have fries with my email marketing?”

If you’re not already a satisfied, returning customer you know, if not, give us a try at