How Many CRMs Does it Take to Screw in a Light bulb?



So, you’ve made your franchise. Congratulations! That is no small feat. Now, you need customers. Then you need to expand. You have so many things to do, and so little time to do it in. Try as you may, you’ll never be able to do it all on your own. You need someone or something to make your goals attainable.

A CRM is the key. Grab it, and unlock those dreams! What’s that? There are a lot of keys, you say. Which one is the key that unlocks your dreams? That is a great question! CRMs are a dime a dozen. There are so many to choose from. However, they’re usually very limited in capability, leaving you to use multiple systems to make sales goals, get leads, send e-mails etc. That might make things seem even harder. I’m not going to make things harder on myself. If I’m not going to make things harder on me, then why should we make things harder for you?

Soffront to the rescue! Soffront’s CRM combines all of these into one system. Not only that, but the software is extremely responsive. You won’t click your button and need to take a coffee break, waiting for the page to load. Soffront also offers an in depth knowledge base. If you can’t find your answers in there, then there is always the helpful support staff you can call.

Soffront is the right key. Take it, and unlock those dreams. Don’t waste time juggling multiple systems to do get everything you want when you can have it all in one! Get your free trial now!

5 Reasons Email Marketing Is Big in 2015

marketing sherpa email benchmarking survey 2013

  1. The customized targeted nature of email marketing messages will continue producing significant ROI. Mark the Marketer says “For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment” | source


  1. The personalized content of email marketing, through the application of custom niche key works, will matter more than ever. Companies will continue increasing the amount of dollars spend on CRM for email marketing. According to MarketingCharts “email marketing is the program for which the largest share (60.7%) of respondents plan budget increases…” | source


  1. Email marketing will continue to beat social media. Sales messages are more likely to be seen, opened, and responded to when communicated in email than when in displayed in social media. The Campaign Monitor puts it best, “Your message is 5 times as likely to be opened in email than in social media” | source


  1. Sales automation is $ka-ching$ in the bank. And will therefore continue to be ultra-important in email marketing campaign strategies. Per The Lenskold Group 78% of successful marketers attributed sales automation to improving revenue growth.


  1. As more emails are being opened in mobile devices, responsive marketing emails will become more important. Responsive emails can be opened in both desktop devices and mobile devices. Thus dynamic CRM tools, like ones offered by enable responsive marketing emails designs.

What TV Show is Your CRM Like?

Let’s have some fun. Tell me! What TV show is your CRM like? Is it like Jeopardy where you know the answer but can’t think of it before the buzzer? How about Wheel of Fortune where all you need is one more letter? Can it be like the Miss America pageant where you are all dressed up but nowhere to go?

I digress. Why purchase something that cause you to be so hard to configure that you need to apply the Big Bang Theory? Does your CRM install new features as you need them or are you watching another episode on the History Channel? One I hear often is that “my CRM makes my business look like something from theSimpsons“. Please tell me that you are not like Two Broke Girls after purchasing it and afterwards you feel Lost.

Here is the channel you want turn to. It’s called the Soffront Series Channel. Soffront is easy to configure and includes high quality templates you can send to your customers. They are always updating their software to include new features and The Price is Right! Shown on Bravo!

A CRM Will Make Your Wish into a Fulfilled Dream

Every dream fulfilled begins with a simple wish. You wouldn’t have a business right now if you didn’t wish on it and dream about it. You wouldn’t have customers without a business. You felt the need to act to make your dream a reality, to fill that empty void.

Do you remember when the Smart phones busted on the scene? Were you one of the ones like me who said, “I don’t need all of those bells and whistles. I just want a phone in case of an emergency.”

Same rules apply. Your business cannot thrive without a CRM. The one who made their wish a dream and a dream a reality will not be satisfied with mediocrity. Your business needs tools. You are not devoting your energies in the right places if all you do is “run your business.” Yes, my car runs fine on 87 octane. But it runs really good on 91 octane.

Now let’s get to the, “See, I told you so!” How many different ways do you use your Smart phone? I bet you text, check e-mail, use GPS, and use several apps. Same thing applies for a CRM. Once you try Soffront CRM you won’t go without one. That is why we have a free trial. Use it. Take advantage of it. Why do we offer a free trial? Because we know that you like to play games and take pictures on your Smart phone.

Take advantage of the free trial. If you don’t say, “Wow, I can’t live without it, I will personally drive to wherever you are and give you your money back.

Take me out to the ball game!

Yes, folks! It is that time of year. Popcorn, Peanuts, Cracker Jacks! The crack of the bat, the smell of freshly cut grass. Perfectly groomed foul lines. The batter’s box is well manicured. Seeing a baseball diamond before a game is a work of art. Many hours of labor go into making the stadium ready for the game; not only on the field but everywhere around it as well. Poetry in motion. Teamwork at its finest. For what? The answer is simple! A game. A contest where someone throws the ball, hits the ball, catches the ball and runs like crazy.

Nonetheless, whether you enjoy the game of baseball or not, everything is set before the gates open. Hot dogs are steaming, beer is cold, and the souvenir stands are packed with merchandise.

So now we are ready for the big game. We have our Custom Fields built. We have our data mapped and we have Imported. Our Templates are well designed waiting for the next Campaign. The Leads we have are carefully following our Workflow.

We have a well-oiled machine. We are ready for the big game. This is what you get when you come to Soffront Stadium. You get years of experience putting the best team on the field. You get our game face. You get a team ready for whatever is at stake. You get the World Series trophy. The ticker tape parade. The thrill of victory that comes from closing sale after sale after sale.