Did You Survive Tax Time?

Tax DayWell, for those in the USA, as we know, April 15th is commonly known as Tax Day. I went to a restaurant on Wednesday and there was an advertisement taped to the glass door as you went in. It read, “To help celebrate Tax Day — Screwdrivers $1.00.” At first, I didn’t get it. So, I pondered it a tad more. After I stopped laughing, it was clear what they were suggesting. If anyone needs further clarification, email me, and I will be happy to explain.

So, I hung on to this thought for a few days. As is almost always the case, yours truly ran this thought up and down the proverbial rabbit hole. I am sure that I dissected this one more than I should. Here goes …

When compiling one’s taxes, you usually get a real good snapshot of the money you made last year and the taxes you paid on it. Okay, that is a no brainer. However, if you are like me (not sure that’s a good thing) you take a mini inventory. Okay, I made X amount of money, what do I have to show for it? Gauntlet time! Did I smile or frown?

Well, CRMs are the same way. Either you have one and it is providing excellent ROI, or you don’t have one and you are thinking of screwdrivers. My point here is that for a very low monthly investment you can prepare yourself for the biggest, silliest grin ever. What’s even better is it’s not rocket science. One of the best features of Soffront CRM is its easy adoption. No programmers needed. It is just you and your screwdrivers. Who will win come next tax day? Position yourself to become the winner. You will be glad did. Last question! You want a Phillips or flathead?

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Your CRM Shouldn’t be as Painful as Going to the Dentist

DentistI will be the first to admit that I HATE going to the dentist. In fact, I would rather pull out my fingernails one by one instead.

Okay, let’s look at why you go to the dentist. Hopefully, it is only for regular checkups. You want that gold star when your dentists say, “Well done, no cavities.” Occasionally he will say, “Well, almost everything looks great.” At this point the word “almost” has now become your least favourite word in the world. He proceeds to tell you that you have a cavity, and you need to get it filled. Your mind gravitates to needles, freezing, and drooling all over yourself as your lips thaw. However, due to the faith you have in your dentist, you say, “Okay, let’s take care of it.” 45 minutes later you leave, and your mouth is 15 degrees below zero.

The key thing here is the process. You are intelligent enough to go for the check up. You also are smart enough to have dental insurance. You have the ultimate faith in your dentist to do things inside your mouth that you won’t even do. You planned for this. As your tongue regains its taste, pat yourself on the back as you are ready for that ginormous ice cream cone.

Let me introduce to you Dr. Soffront CRM. This is the person you planned for. This is the person who partners with you and congratulates you sale after sale. It tells you what a great job you are doing. This is the one who can help you out when business goals are suffering. As you know, not all dentists are the same. Some come highly recommended, some use the latest equipment, and others work around your schedule. Dr. Soffront is the dentist that covers all of the above. Come in for a checkup. Try this doctor for a free trial. You will be glad you did.

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Target Practice Anyone?

Target PracticeYou want to hit the Bulls-eye. You have been practicing for hours on end. You have it burned into your mind that “Practice makes perfect.” Your goal is to pick up your target pistol anytime, anywhere and showcase your skills as a shooter. Of course to make sure that you hit the mark, you need to have faith in your pistol. You need to make sure that the sight is accurate, and it is firing true. Of course you have completed that. You took it to a Gunsmith, and they have verified it is 100% accurate.

Your CRM should be just like a Gunsmith. You practiced your cold calling, you honed your skills as a speaker, and you know your product in and out. You are set. Is your CRM in tune with you? It has to be. You can have all the skills in the world, but if your gun is not functioning properly you will not meet your goal.
The business world is a battlefield. Your CRM Software is your weapon. It has to be the tool that keeps track of your leads, tell you what tasks need to be completed, and helps you send eye catching campaigns. It should help you hit the target when you are sleeping.

Don’t merely think of your CRM as a piece of software. Think of it as your survival mainstay, your best friend. It is the one thing that could keep you alive out there.

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What is in Your Help Section?

aaaThere is nothing more irritating then when you get stuck on something. You try what seems like 20 different things, and nothing works. You want to start pulling your hair out and banging on the desk. You try and the help menu, but you discover that the help center isn’t all that helpful. Have you ever looked at the help window in any Microsoft product? It’s incredibly unhelpful! What are they talking about? I know I’m reading English because I recognize the words. However, the formation of the words means absolutely nothing to me. It’s either that or the topics in the help center have nothing to do with your problem.

We here at Soffront pride ourselves in making sure you have all the information that is needed to make any project possible. There is a very comprehensive self-help center. We have documentation on almost any feature you can think of. We also have videos on just about anything you could ask for.


There are some really short ones that can show you something as small as previewing a sales template:


Or maybe you need something to show you how to access your campaign results:


Or maybe you need a walkthrough on how do something more in depth, like how to setup a workflow:

We’re even working on getting some animations in for some of the simpler tasks to save you even more time. We want out help center to be, well, helpful. It’s crazy, right? I hope you’ve found this blog… helpful.

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How to sign up client for ActionCOACH’es


How to register your client using Client Connect.

What is Client Connect?

Client connect is a feature that enables a Soffront CRM subscriber to connect with his client’s CRM database and access certain information. His clients must also be a subscriber of Soffront ActionCOACH CRM. The checklist below will help you to register your clients, define their Sales process and track their Activity, Conversion and 5 ways report. (5-ways report is only available for ActionCOACH customers).

  • Earn Money. We will pay you for every client you sign up or elect for account credit.
  • Save Time. You and your client will save ton of time communicating via CRM.
  • Monitor your clients progress.
  • Improve effectiveness of coaching.
  • Increase client Retention.
CONNECT WITH YOUR CLIENT VIA CRM Setup client’s sales process while you are in a coaching session! Your client does not have to do it later on his own!Monitor your client’s Activities, Conversions, Pipeline and 5-ways – anytime, anywhere. Client never have to send you an spreadsheet with their activities and conversions!Both you and your client save time – because you communicate electronically via CRM.Pass files to your clients to fill in and be notified when he is done.


This one is not very obvious to some.

People don’t change CRM often. You help setup their sales process, CRM, 5-ways etc. If the business is doing better, then they will attribute the success to your coaching and CRM – two working together!!

They will continue to enjoy the success and stay with the coaching program and the CRM.

Many coaches will testify to this.


Ask your client to signup here: http://soffront.com/smb-pricing/

Then, follow instructions in this article to connect with your client’s CRM.



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