What is the most important Marketing Adage?

Aren’t adages great? They fill up your facebook feed, barrage your inbox and litter practically every blog post (including this one).

An “Adage” is defined as

“a short, usually philosophical, but memorable saying which holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people, or that has gained some credibility through its long memetic use.

It often involves a planning failure such as “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” or “don’t burn your bridges”. Adages may be interesting observations, practical or ethical guidelines, or skeptical comments on life.”

Some adages are products of folk wisdom, some are Marketing Goldmines of opportunity. But there’s too many; the 80-20 Rule, Pareto’s principle, Content is King, Bird in hand is worth two in the bush.


Easy! If revenue is important to you that is.

=80% of all sales come from the 5th or more attempt.

80 percent chart



So how do you ask for the sale 5 times without being annoying?

Good luck doing it on a phone call. Nope in person is not much better. Here’s a simple plan which won’t burn your bridges with your prospects. Let’s assume you are already using Soffront, the All in One CRM & Email Marketing Platform (now with social media publishing).

1. Initial Ask: Inbound interest, don’t waste too much time trying to disrupt your prospects, create inbound traffic to your website is a prerequisite, but once you have the traffic create some type of ‘bait’ or sometimes called, ‘lead magnet’ in order to capture prospects into your sales funnel. You should ask for the sale on your website right away, however you probably won’t see too much conversion until you gain a deeper relationship.

2. Ask immediately when the initial connection established. How? = Soffront Autoresponder. Set up your Soffront CRM software  to immediately mail out a thank you and solicitation in your first email to your new lead.

3. Develop a drip/touch email campaign to communicate with your list consistently but don’t worry about phone calling at all, rather set up Soffront Engagment rules to automatically notify you or your sales reps on the list members that actually clicked on a link, these folks deserve special treatment as they have expressed interest. Call these engaged leads up and solicit with a special discount.

4. Segment your audience (you can use Soffront workflow rules to do this) and solicit each segment according to what you’ve determined is most relevant to them. For instance if you send out email with 3 offers and upon engagement with one of the offers you tell your Soffront CRM software to segment that audience into a unique email campaign focused on their needs.

5. Last Blast, send out audience specific email offering huge discount or special incentive to buy now. By this time your audience has gotten used to your offers but the interested folks have gotten increasingly more targeted emails. When you have a special event focused on these leads they will listen because they are already engaged with your brand and considering using your services.






Soffront CRM software, an overview


Customer Relationship Management software you will actually use!

Got Options? We do! but before the list below overwhelms you, know that we’re here for you every step of the way, our software is naturally intuitive, and if you need extra assistance check out our resource page for more recorded webinars, or our knowledge base or purchase one of our Quickstart programs which offer customized CRM service.

Ask us for more info or check out our exact SMB (small-medium business) offerings here

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It’s good when Sales and Marketing Talk

I’ve been doing marketing communications for over 20 years now. Typically, sales will use a CRM to manage leads and marketing communications will use an email program to send out an email blast or part of a regular interval campaign, often called a “drip” or something similar. While the goal is that marketing support sales and sales knows how marketing does that, because they are working with different programs, sometimes they don’t communicate as well as they could.

I saw this article in marketingprofs.com the other day and it speaks to that isolation that occurs on both sides feel sometimes.

I haven’t been with Soffront for very long, but as a long-time marketing person who’s had to navigate between CRMs and email programs, I found it a revelation to discover a CRM that did both and wondered why it hadn’t done before. Some programs say they do both, but if you ever had to struggle with making a CRM into a mass email program, let me tell you it’s not very fun.

Anyway, I hope this article is helpful and makes just one more marketing person think of sales and vice versa. We’re in this together!