Did You Survive Tax Time?

Tax DayWell, for those in the USA, as we know, April 15th is commonly known as Tax Day. I went to a restaurant on Wednesday and there was an advertisement taped to the glass door as you went in. It read, “To help celebrate Tax Day — Screwdrivers $1.00.” At first, I didn’t get it. So, I pondered it a tad more. After I stopped laughing, it was clear what they were suggesting. If anyone needs further clarification, email me, and I will be happy to explain.

So, I hung on to this thought for a few days. As is almost always the case, yours truly ran this thought up and down the proverbial rabbit hole. I am sure that I dissected this one more than I should. Here goes …

When compiling one’s taxes, you usually get a real good snapshot of the money you made last year and the taxes you paid on it. Okay, that is a no brainer. However, if you are like me (not sure that’s a good thing) you take a mini inventory. Okay, I made X amount of money, what do I have to show for it? Gauntlet time! Did I smile or frown?

Well, CRMs are the same way. Either you have one and it is providing excellent ROI, or you don’t have one and you are thinking of screwdrivers. My point here is that for a very low monthly investment you can prepare yourself for the biggest, silliest grin ever. What’s even better is it’s not rocket science. One of the best features of Soffront CRM is its easy adoption. No programmers needed. It is just you and your screwdrivers. Who will win come next tax day? Position yourself to become the winner. You will be glad did. Last question! You want a Phillips or flathead?

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This Company Will Treat You Like Family

FamilyI enjoy writing blogs. I enjoy it when people read them and send me comments on them. This is not your typical blog.

Yesterday was National Siblings Day. I wasn’t sure what this meant. I didn’t know if it was another Hallmark Holiday. After reading a few entries on Facebook, I quickly understood. It meant recognizing your brothers and sisters. Well, that is what I am going to do.

My older sister is Peg. I love her dearly because she is my beacon of knowledge, my counselor, and my laughing post. She dreams the same dreams with me, and we can’t wait to see one another. She is the ultimate mother. She lives in Arizona, and I in California.

My younger brother is Dave. I love him equally as I do Peg. He is the brother everyone wants. He knows about cars, he can build and rebuild anything. He loves things that remind him of when we were growing up, and he still plays with them. Dave asks me for advice on certain things which make me feel like the big brother. He is the model Dad and also lives in Arizona.

I have been blessed to have these two in my life.

At Soffront we believe in family. When you join us, we treat you as such. So, if you have a brother, or a sister, make sure you tell them what your heart feels for them. It will make their day.

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Your CRM Shouldn’t be as Painful as Going to the Dentist

DentistI will be the first to admit that I HATE going to the dentist. In fact, I would rather pull out my fingernails one by one instead.

Okay, let’s look at why you go to the dentist. Hopefully, it is only for regular checkups. You want that gold star when your dentists say, “Well done, no cavities.” Occasionally he will say, “Well, almost everything looks great.” At this point the word “almost” has now become your least favourite word in the world. He proceeds to tell you that you have a cavity, and you need to get it filled. Your mind gravitates to needles, freezing, and drooling all over yourself as your lips thaw. However, due to the faith you have in your dentist, you say, “Okay, let’s take care of it.” 45 minutes later you leave, and your mouth is 15 degrees below zero.

The key thing here is the process. You are intelligent enough to go for the check up. You also are smart enough to have dental insurance. You have the ultimate faith in your dentist to do things inside your mouth that you won’t even do. You planned for this. As your tongue regains its taste, pat yourself on the back as you are ready for that ginormous ice cream cone.

Let me introduce to you Dr. Soffront CRM. This is the person you planned for. This is the person who partners with you and congratulates you sale after sale. It tells you what a great job you are doing. This is the one who can help you out when business goals are suffering. As you know, not all dentists are the same. Some come highly recommended, some use the latest equipment, and others work around your schedule. Dr. Soffront is the dentist that covers all of the above. Come in for a checkup. Try this doctor for a free trial. You will be glad you did.

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What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

Chicken Or The EggI am sure that everyone has pondered this question at one point in their lifetime, perhaps even argued about it. Well, what’s the answer?

When people ask me if the chicken or the egg came first, I reply, “Fried Chicken.” Inevitably, they ask me why I said that. My reply is simple, “Does it really matter? You need both.”

To further illustrate a point, what is more important? Lead management or Email Campaigns? You need both. Correction, it is vital that you have the ability to do both. How about telling me which is better, a bulletproof sales process or picture perfect templates?

That is my point exactly. Why choose? Your CRM needs to be all-inclusive. You should not be forced to have a piece of chicken with a side of scrambled eggs.

Lastly, would you make fried chicken if it took one week to learn how? Your CRM needs to be like a can of Pringles. “Once you pop, you cannot stop.”

Think about that when choosing a CRM. Get it all! Just the way you like it. Don’t sacrifice one to get the other.
That’s my secret recipe. With love, Colonel Sanders!

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